What is an invention?
Anything that is made (sandwich or iPad)
Something that benefits the world
World can evolve from it
Created to help a person or an animal in their life

Possible inventions or discoveries
Electricity - discovery
Light Bulb - invention
Telephone - invention
Weapons - invention (You can pick up a stick and use it as a weapon - is it still an invention?)

Can an invention be intangible?
What are the differences between discovery and an invention - A discovery is something that you find - already exists in the environment and an invention is something that is created. An invention can be made to use a discovery.

Is an invention always paired with a discovery?
Is art an invention?
Are all thoughts/ideas for inventions based on discoveries?

A movie is based on someone's original ideas would be an invention - not a discovery.

Or is it a discovery because you have to discover how the movie will flow together.

Creativity = discovery?

Have to have creativity to make a discovery.