What is invention?
An invention is something that someone has made that was not made before.
An original idea thought to make life better. - Can be useful
A brand new creation that someone or something has made.
An invention has to be made by a man.
Invention requires intent.

Influential Inventions
Popcorn in a bag
Roller Coaster
Light Bulb

What is the difference between a discovery and an invention?
Discovery = fire; invention = gas stove; Discovery first, then invention comes. Discovery is found - already there; invention is something that is made?

Is art an invention?
Yes, because someone is creating something.

If you pick up a stick and use it as a weapon is it a discovery or an invention?
Discovery - stick already there, just creativity (already there and using)
Invention - use stick as catapult

So trees make sticks - are trees inventing things?
No, trees come from nature - they are growing them; already there

Creativity = Discovery?

Do all inventions come from discoveries? Can go either way - if you are making an invention, you may make additional discoveries. An invention could be an discovery.

Can animals make inventions?

Dog making toys out of shoes.