How do we want to be treated?

Try to follow "Treat others the way you want to be treated."
Touching lava lamps can lead to injuries.
Respect classroom furniture and materials while using materials for their primary function.
Use the computers properly. - avoid eating and drinking by machines, for ex.
Leave computers as is.
Be flexible.
Respect other peoples' ideas.
Try someone else's idea and if it does not work try your own.
Use class time wisely.
Be positive in class.
When working in groups, don't always work with the same people (others might be good to work with too)
When there is silence during class discussions - try for new options and choices - voluntary.
Have a class outside every once in a while.

How are we going to ensure we have the perfect learning environment?
Try using hints and suggestions to encourage growth.
Try really hard to be nice to everyone.
Use a positive tone of voice.
RPS - to solve small conflicts.
Share with others.
Remind one another to focus.