Quarter Project Part II
Idea Proposal Form
What is the problem you want to solve?

Food Policy - We don't like that we don't get to eat things in class like we used to.
We can bring in our own food - what we cannot do is:
  • Bring in food to share
  • Have class parties easily - requires paperwork and curricular tie-in
  • No random food options for rewards (ties in with school promoting food with rewards

Here is a PPT explaining the policy

Food Allergy Policy -
Food Sale Policy -

What gaps do you see between the policy and the PPT plan? Based on the policy, what do you think needs to be changed? How does this change our approach to the problem?

If some people have allergies, should the rest of us be punished?
Students should know what they are allergic to by the time they reach the Middle School.

Counter Argument: Part of the purpose of the food policy is to promote a healthier relationship with food - aka - not using food as rewards. Can all of our peers self-advocate?

Since we are in a more advanced class, shouldn't we be rewarded?
Counter argument: Making policy decisions based on class assignments is not a poor idea. Discovery is an intervention not a reward for being "smart". There is not a way to reasonably make food a requirement of the class without it being tied to rewards.

Aren't we limiting options and choices of teachers in supporting a positive learning environment?
Counter argument: Teachers are required to protect students - keep students safe; the food policy could fall under this level.

Is it the school's job to control what I am eating?
Should the school be controlling what happens with food? (bringing in and sharing amongst students)
Should the school control these things?
Should I be punished or limited in my choices because others can't make good choices concerning food?

Counter argument: Currently school controls - they control your behavior, they control what you do what you do with your time outside of school (sports); Food in cafeteria; Food we bring and have access to outside of cafeteria;

Part of the issue is that we had access to food and then had it taken away - it feels like a big deal

Possible Amendments:
Not requiring forms for food use in classrooms
Getting signed permission from parents of food allergic students..

Who is affected by the problem?

Students and teachers

Who has the power to change the situation?

We might

What other background do you need to know to solve the problem?

See above

What is your proposed solution to the problem?

Make a good argument

What activities will you do to raise awareness about the problem?

Talk with authority figures for ideas of how to gain approval for changing the policy. (Mr. Heybruch)
Create a petition to show students and teachers who are in favor of repealing or amending the food policy. (Petitions don't engender credibility Mr. H)
Survey about people's thinking
Get testimonials from students with food allergies. (Good idea to do this - Mr. H)
Mr. Heybruch will serve as advocate
Go for a grassroots campaign - start small

Mr. Heybruch's Advice:

Know the policy in and out - has the teacher misinterpreted the policy? - read the actual document
Change may need to be at implementation level
Credibility is important - some of that credit comes from knowing the policy and the details

Who will you present your proposal to?
The Board of Education

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