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What Are We Doing in Discovery 7 This Week?Check Edmodo for updates and geography stumpers.

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Week #1Albert Einstein said:"Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new."What do you think that says about learning?

Your speeches of the past are in your school network drive. To access these from home, click here or follow the directions on this youtube video - just choose the link to "access files from home" rather than "access files from school".

Today's Agenda:

Later this Week:
  • Brain Teaser
  • Sticker Store
  • Speech Prep for Friday

Earlier this week:

General Topics for Week #1
Here is our syllabus for our class.
This week we will be working on answering these questions:

  • How should we treat one another in this class? Discovery Norms P1 P6
  • What do I need to know about you as a learner (Getting to Know You)?
  • What are future studies?
  • How do experts make predictions and forecasts about the future?
  • How can we use collaboration to work smarter?
  • What tools & technologies help facilitate our individual and collaborative work?
  • How should our work in Discovery be evaluated?
  • What kinds of expectations and work will we have in this class?

Our work this week will also include:

  • Discovery Norms - Creating our learning Utopia
  • Edmodo Tour
  • Preparing for speeches - note cards and peer eval forms
  • Speech Peer Evaluation Form - P1 | P6

Later this week:
Writing Pre-Test - World Issues
Speeches - World Issue
What are Future Studies?

Class syllabus
Curriculum Calendar
Project Options and Resources
New Equations Analysis Test

  • Speech Peer Eval Form P1 P6
  • Top 10 World Issues
    • Additional connections
    • Writing Levels Pre-Test
      • 7-15 sentences on a world issue or on connections between 2 to 3 issues
    • World Issues Web Assignment
  • Oral Communication Rubric
  • Working on Speech #1

Open the page with peer evaluation links
Open your speech notes
If you want something projected, be sure to share it with me (

Thursday Plan
Speech Work Time - 20 minutes
What are future studies? - 10 minutes
Speech Practice - 10 minutes

Top 10 World Issues Discussion - P1 | P6
What are future studies?
Speech Practice

Have you done the geography stumpers, SAT word, and question of the day? You can earn 21 stickers a week if you do these activities!

Friday Plan
Make sure you can access peer evaluation.

Speech on Friday - Speech Peer Evaluation Form - P1 | P6
Top 10 World Issues - Share your list with one or two others - compare, contrast, edit your own as you see fit
Work on speeches

Top 10 World Issues
Speech on Friday - Speech Peer Evaluation Form - P1 | P6

Topic is your choice (getting to know you, summer experience, first day of school, another awesome idea you might have)
Peer Evaluation Form Creation
What are future studies?
How should we treat one another in this class? Discovery Norms P1P6
World Issues Assignment

Progress Check
Have you finished
Getting to Know You?
Have you logged into edmodo?
Have you finished
New Equations Analysis Test?
Have you done this week's Geography Stumper?

What do I need to know about you as a learner (Getting to Know You)?

edmodo - -
If you were a member of Discovery 6, log in with your old account.

To join our edmodo class as a new student, go here.

How should we treat one another in this class? Discovery Norms P1 P6

Discovery Rewards

Line Up Activity

What are future studies?

New Equations Analysis Test