The Discovery Rewards Program is a motivational plan to recognize students when they go above and beyond class expectations. Students can earn stickers and then "cash" those stickers in for "prizes". If you have a suggestion that adds to development of your leadership, pride, or excellence, let me know!

Click here to review the current rewards available.Sticker Earnings Request FormDiscovery Reward Tracking Sheet (for stickers).

  1. Geography stumpers (A quiz is posted in edmodo each week)
  2. Good Reads Action
    1. Join and link Ms. Given ( to your account.
    2. Write a review of a book (more than just choosing stars - write something)
    3. Recommending a book to Ms. Given
    4. Gaining friends and followers
    5. Reading a non-school required book
  3. Trivia and brain teaser opportunities
  4. SAT Word and Question of the Day
  5. Random acts of greatness
  6. Wear Red and White on Fridays
  7. Sticker Bingo
  8. Sticker Daily Double - on 2-3 days of the semester, the BRAVES wear will be worth 2 stickers instead one one.
  9. Stock Market Game - If your portfolio is up on the chosen day, you earn a sticker.
  10. Sticker Lottery- At the end of the week Ms. Given could put each of our names in a hat once, and then if you want another entry there is a certain price, or you could earn another spot by doing something awesome and then if she draws your name, you win the sticker lottery!
  11. DIY Action -
    1. Join and link Ms. Given to your account - 1 sticker
    2. Post and get approval for completing an activity - 1 sticker
    3. Earn a badge - 2 stickers
    4. Getting Featured - 3 stickers
      1. 1 sticker for first 10 (through 50)
      2. 1 sticker for each 25 (50 - 200)
      3. 1 sticker for each 50 (200 - 500)
      4. 1 sticker for each 100 (500 and up)


Make a speech to tell Ms. Given and the class why you deserve the badge you are 'applying' for. In your speech,
1. Include the name of the badge,
2. The reason why you deserve to be awarded this badge,
3. An example supporting your reason and
4. A sentence stating why your example supports you being awarded this badge.

Be sure to be concise, use clear and descriptive language and to speak in complete sentences.

Sticker Maniac - For earning the most stickers in any one week
Badger - for earning 5 or more badges
Awesome Avatar - Choosing an avatar that is especially appropriate for student's personality.
Goofball - for generally goofy behavior
Spectacular Speaker - For demonstrating mastery of speech delivery (vocal delivery, body language, confidence, and content)
Dynamic Discussionist - For engaging in and raising the level of class discussion.
Creative Wordsmith - Regular engagement in developing and improving in creative writing
Creativity - The exhibition of exceptional creativity in any area.
Mad Scientist - Regular participation in Mad Science, asking great science-based questions and making good scientific connections
Geo Genuis - For regularly answering the daily Geography Stumper correctly!
SAT Superstar - Awarded for regular participation in SAT Word or Question of the Day
Trogdorian Task Commitment - For burninating through your work...
Problem Solving Panda - Awarded for extraordinary resourcefulness and perseverance in solving a problem.

Positive Porkchop - Awarded for regularly demonstrating a positive attitude and helping peers to be more positive.

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