Discovery 6 Projects Eye on the Prize

Task #1 - Nobel Who?

Let's learn about the leaders in science, literature and those making a difference in our world.
  • What is the Nobel Prize?
  • Who came up with the idea?
  • When is it awarded?
  • In what areas is it awarded?
  • Why were these particular categories chosen?
  • What do the winners actually win?
  • Find out as many facts as you can to learn more about the Nobel Prize.

Create a product that shows what you have learned in an organized way.
Resources for concept maps/webs:

Nobel Prize Research Resources

Task #2 - Nobel Prize Laureate Research

Choose a category on which to focus.
Need ideas? Try this site:
Choose a Nobel laureate within your category on which to focus.
Answer the following questions about the person or topic you chose. Use Internet resources to help you.

Your product should use at least 3 sources and be at least 500 words.
  • What Nobel laureate or project did you choose to study?
  • Give a summary of the Laureate you studied and his or her life.
  • Explain the project/reason he/she/they won the Nobel Prize.
  • What problems did the Laureate set out to solve by working on this project?
  • What motivated the Laureate to solve this problem (Were there things from their own lives that influenced their work?)

Task #3 - Design Your Own Activities

These questions are to help you figure out the details of the activities you will complete to learn more about your expert's area of study. Fill out one set of these questions for each activity you plan to complete. Copy and paste the questions into a Microsoft Word Doc to add information. When you finish the activity, you will fill out the reflection section. To submit your activity, please send your work through Edmodo.

Prize Category Lesson Planning Resources
Additional Tools and Activity Ideas

Task #4 - Activity Follow Through

Work on your activities

Task #5 - Activity Reflections

Fill out the second half of your activity reflection sheets.

Task #6 - Peer Teaching

As part of your presentation, you will need to do a lesson with your peers related to the area of study of your chosen Nobel Laureate. You may choose to do one of the activities you did as a part of your own learning or a new lesson.

Task #7 - Nobel Laureate Project Presentation

Discovery 6 - example presentation

Create a PPT to show what you have learned. Plan what activities you will do with the class to teach them about your Nobel Laureate and his/her work. See attached for more details.
Nobel Prize Presentation Checklist

Opening Slide

q Title = Name of Laureate
q Name of presenter

Introduction – 2-3 Slides (Ms. Given will probably tell you to skip this section if there have been speeches earlier in the semester which addressed this content)

q What is the Nobel Prize?
q Who invented the prize and why?
q When was the prize created?
q In what areas is it awarded?
q What do the winners actually win?
q Why is winning the prize an honor?

Your Laureate – 2-3 Slides

q What Nobel Laureate did you study?
q What were some interesting facts from his or her life?
q What was the impact of what he or she did to win the Nobel Prize?

Your Activities – 2-3 Slides

q On what aspect of your Nobel Laureate’s work did you choose to focus?
q What learning activities did you complete?
q What did you do in each activity?
q What did you learn from each activity?
q How did participating in these activities better understand your Laureate’s work?

Your Lesson – 2-3 Slides

q What are you going to teach the class?
q What are the procedures/directions for your lesson?
q What materials will the class need to complete your lesson?
q What did we learn from your lesson?

Closing 2-3 Slides

q What aspects of the project were difficult? Were easy?
q What is another area you would like to learn more about?
q Bibliography – What websites did you use for your project?

Task #8 - Oral Presentation

The culmination of your work is to share it with your peers!