What is Futurology? Read the resources listed below. Answer these questions in paragraph format in a Google doc.
  • Write a definition for Futurology in your own words.
  • Name one technique or methodology used to predict the future, explain how it is used and in what situation it might be used. Examples of techniques here.
  • How effective do you think this practice is in thinking about the future?
  • Describe a situation or scenario in which a futurologist could make a positive impact (choose something other than weather, natural disasters, or the stock market to discuss).
  • Once you have saved your responses in a google doc, copy and paste your answers here.


Class Discussion Questions

We will talk about these in class.
What did you discover about future studies?
What are some of the strategies that futurists use to make predictions?
How reliable are these strategies?
What is a wild card?
Why do we try to predict the future at all?
What kinds of scenarios or preparations have we made in case of emergency @ our own school?
Why might it be more difficult to predict the status of the economy at a certain point than the outcome of a baseball game?