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Goal Setting – Discovery
The Basics
Review your dataSet your goalsReview your progressRepeat!

What Data Do I Have?
  • Speech Videos
  • Peer Feedback
  • Grades/Comments on Work
  • WPP Scores
  • Reflection - find something you notice as a possible goal area. Figure out what kind of data you can collect to demonstrate growth.

How will I choose goals?

Look through your data, answer the guiding questions and then develop three goals for the semester (one for speaking, one for writing, and one of your choice from the other categories).

This example

Based on your goals and interests, choose the appropriate project you will work on for the semester. Fill out the portion at the bottom of the doc titled "Written Education Plan". Turn in a link to your goal setting doc to edmodo once you have completed it.

Written Education Plan Example - Blank

ERB Rubric

Ideas for Goals:
I will demonstrate improvement in formal presentation skills through:
  • Increasing eye contact (75% or better)
  • Developing stronger stance
  • Modifying volume
  • Incorporating enthusiasm through vocal and facial expression
  • Practicing more effectively
  • Using props effectively
  • Developing clearer enunciation
  • Gaining the audience’s attention
  • Ending effectively
  • Speaking extemporaneously
  • Incorporating gestures

I will demonstrate improvement in independent work skills through:
  • Managing my tasks and time
  • Increasing focus
  • Increasing initiative
  • Learning to work effectively without a group

I will demonstrate improvement in research skills through:
  • Finding information efficiently
  • Reading and understanding information more clearly
  • Improving summarization
  • Improving synthesis of information

I will demonstrate improvement in technology skills through:
  • Learning to use a new tool
  • Increasing understanding and skill in using familiar tools

I will demonstrate improvement in leadership skills through:
  • Incorporating personal initiative
  • Working with others
  • Organizing groups or activities
  • Serving as a positive model or example to effect change
  • Developing a network of peers and adults

I will demonstrate improvement in group work skills through:
  • Organizing the group
  • Helping the group stay on task
  • Contributing effectively to the group
  • Working with people who are not my friends
  • Learning to accept others’ ideas and input
  • Motivating the group

I will demonstrate improvement in class participation through:
  • Contributing on a regular basis
  • Listening to others’ ideas and building upon them
  • Encouraging and clarifying others’ responses
  • Summarizing ideas

I will demonstrate improvement in writing skills through:
  • Use of specific and descriptive vocabulary
  • Developing stronger sentence structure
  • Developing stronger organization/Clarity
  • Developing stronger description
  • Incorporating voice
  • Stronger character development
  • Developing better strategies for idea generation
  • Developing stronger overall development
  • Developing stronger support

Review Your Progress

Fill out this form to review your progress on your goals.
Use this template to share your goal progress with your family.
Copy and paste these questions into a Google Doc to do your end of term reflection.