Issue Study
Task #1 - What is the problem?

Issues Board -
Issue Exploration -

Facing the Future

Choose a future issue from our issues board or create your own. To get to know more about some of the different issues in our society, go to the issue exploration page.

As a part of your research, you will begin by designing essential and supporting questions which will serve as a backbone of your learning this semester.

How to Share Your Information

Title = Essential Question

Introduction = Let your audience know what they are going to learn from your presentation.

Body = Address each supporting question and what facts you found out. If you are writing a paper, you would write a paragraph for each supporting question. If you are creating a PowerPoint or a web page, you should have at least one slide or one page devoted to each supporting question.

Conclusion = Include your conclusion at the end of your presentation.

Works Cited = Include a slide, page or section detailing all the websites and books you used. These citations do not need to be formal.
Create an Inspiration web/outline with your issue and the related facets in the form of essential and supporting questions.

Task #2 - What Resources Will You Use?

Use the internet, books, magazines and other sources to find information related to your chosen issue. Include the sources for each fact or quote in your Inspiration outline/web. Be sure to include resources from more than one viewpoint.

Task #3 - Filling in the Details

Use your resources and fill in the information to answer your essential and supporting questions. Your Inspiration document should include facts, quotes and summaries of the information you have found.

Tasks #4 #5 #6 - How will you demonstrate your learning?

Your product needs to include a learning artifact for each level of Bloom's Taxonomy :
  • Knowledge/Comprehension - research web/outline (Tasks #1, #2, and #3)
  • Application - Choose a project (Task #4)
  • Analysis - Choose a project (Task #5)
  • Synthesis - PowerPoint demonstrating information learned (Task #7)
  • Evaluation - Review of self-performance
  • Lesson/"x Souvenir" - hands on lesson to show info or something to hand out as a token to show learning (Task #6)
Resources for application and analysis projects:

Use this to organize and reflect on your activity plans:

Task #7 - How will you organize your learning?

Create an inspiration outline/web with an essential question related to your chosen issue and 3-5 supporting questions that help you to answer your essential question. Use your resources to find facts, quotes and other sources to support your answers. Your project should include enough information to:
  • State the problem.
  • State the current research regarding the problem. Support your information with research.
  • State the different arguments or sides of the issues. Support your information with research.

State the implications of the differing views of the issue. How will the issue change in the future according to each side of the issue?

In addition, your presentation should show the process you went through to:

  • Decide on your essential and supporting questions
  • Find resources
  • Choose and follow through with tasks

Also, comment on:
  • What was easy about the work?
  • What was challenging about the work?
  • What would you change if you had to do it again?