Leadership Project Ideas

Task #1

As a part of your research, you will begin by designing essential and supporting questions which will serve as a backbone of your learning this quarter.
How to Share Your Information
Title = Essential Question
Introduction = Let your audience know what they are going to learn from your presentation.
Body = Address each supporting question and what facts you found out. If you are writing a paper, you would write a paragraph for each supporting question. If you are creating a PowerPoint or a web page, you should have at least one slide or one page devoted to each supporting question.
Conclusion = Include your conclusion at the end of your presentation.
Works Cited = Include a slide, page or section detailing all the websites and books you used. These citations do not need to be formal.

Task #2 Research Outline

The essential and supporting questions from Task #1 will be the beginning of your research outline. As facts related to the questions are found, they should be added to the outline with the appropriate source citations. You should include 8-10 sources in your outline. Think outside the box - some of these could be videos but at least half need to be print (text).

Task #3 - Outside Learning Experience

The purpose of this task is to give you an additional perspective on your topic
  • Literature Selection - Choose a novel/biography that helps to illustrate the essential question you are pursuing
  • Field Trip - Visit a museum, workplace or other location that can serve to help you understand more about your essential question.
  • Class Speaker - Invite a speaker/expert to talk with the class on a topic related to your essential question
  • Other - Have a better idea? Talk to me about it!

Task #4 - Application Assignment
Activity Ideas

The purpose of this task is to apply the knowledge you have learned related to your research of your topic. This is a very open ended and creative part of your learning. You will have the opportunity to choose what activity to complete in order to fulfill the application part of your project.
Application - ability to use learned material in a new situation; apply rules, laws, methods, theories.
Actions: changes, computes, demonstrates, operates, shows, uses, solves.
Sample Activities: diary, collection, photographs, diagram, sculpture, diorama, scrapbook, mobile, model, illustration

Task #5 - Analysis Assignment

The purpose of this part of your project is for you to get a better understanding of the complexity of information related to your topic. You will have the opportunity to choose what activity to complete in order to fulfill the analysis part of your project.
Analysis - breaking down into parts; understanding organization, clarifying, concluding.
Actions: distinguish, diagrams, outlines, relates, breaks down, discriminates, subdivides.
Sample Activities: graph, survey, questionnaire, commercial, report, diagram, chart

Task #6 - Engage the Class

Design an activity for our class that will help them to better understand your topic. Consider hands-on, game-based activities rather than lecture or paper-pencil tasks.

Task #7 – Presentation
Leadership Presentation Checklist
Your final presentation should be in the form of a PowerPoint.
Please use this checklist to make sure all of this information has been included.

Outside Learning Experience
What did you choose to do?
How did the experience impact what you learned about your topic?

Class Activity
Lead the Activity
Reflect on experience