Science Fact or Fiction

Task #1

What is Science Fiction?
Through an exploration of literature and science, develop an understanding of the concept of science fiction.
Create an outline/web in Inspiration that covers these ideas. Use examples from literature and history to answer the questions. You may incorporate other topics related to Science Fiction in your outline.
  • What is the definition of science fiction?
  • What are some examples of scientific advancements that were predicted through science fiction?
  • How do authors define, describe and explore the meaning of science in society?
  • How has history influenced literature and vice versa regarding the concept of science?
  • Fiction to Fact Timeline

Task #2

Finding Resources
Identify 2-3 short stories, poems and at least 1 science fiction novel that you will read as a part of your study.
Read your selections. You may use a portion of your in class sessions to accomplish this. Add information to your outline from Task #1.
What books should I read?

Task #3

Continue to work on your outline from Task #1. Complete the answers to the questions posted.

Task #4

Choose a real world topic related to one of the major science fiction themes/conflicts in your novel:
  • Science vs. Religion (Ex. Stem Cell Research)
  • Science vs. Environment (Ex: Atomic Energy, Battery disposal, Petroleum Use)
  • Science vs. Society (Ex: Weaponized Viruses, Atomic Weapons)
  • Other?
Research the issue. Include facts about the sides of the argument for and against your topic on your outline. Compare and contrast the issue with the overall theme of your novel you read. Include connections between the real world issue and the novel's conflict.
Science Fiction ThemesWikipedia - Science Fiction ThemesThe Xenocide Mission - Ben Jeapes ReviewThe Xenocide Mission - Amazon ReviewThe Xenocide Mission - Fan SiteWikipedia - Space OperaWikipedia - Alien InvasionWikipedia - Social Science FictionImagining Futures, Dramatizing FearsNanosciences and its Convergence with Other TechnologiesIdeas for Science and Literature ResearchTechnology, Security and PrivacyThe Surrender of Culture to Technology - Review

Task #5 & #6

Students will choose two of the following projects or create their own project to complete, similar in scope.
  • Create your own science fiction story based on predictions of what might happen in society's future.
  • Create models of one important setting from each of the stories you read. Be prepared to compare and contrast the settings with one another and discuss how they might relate to our present and future.
  • See this page for additional project ideas

Task #7

Use a combination of technology tools and the products you created in your project to present what you have learned to your peers. Your presentation should include what you learned about the connections between science fiction, real science and the need for people to explore themes relating to science and its ethical use in literature.