This page is dedicated to projects and resources you can do when you have finished your tasks for your main Discovery project. Please check in with Ms. Given to let her know what you plan on working on during class.

Make a PSA (Public Service Announcement)
Teen Texting and Driving

What we should do (click the link above)
Use any of the following tools:

  • Windows Movie Maker - video editing computer on your application launcher
  • Xtranormal - Online characters read the script you write for them
  • Pixton - Online comic strip creator
  • Voicethread - Narrate pictures and video
  • Need to convert video to a different format? Use VideoToolbox.
  • Need to edit a YouTube video? You'll need to "capture" and download it first. Use this:
  • Create an online poster! - Glogster

Additional resources and tools - A website organizing every Web 2.0 tool for any task you can imagine! - Find a new tool to explore and learn!

Read an Article and Write a Review or Create a Game based on the info

Participate in an Online Learning Game
  • CSI: The Experience
  • Neo-K12
  • Little Alchemy (Download Google Chrome, click on new tab, choose Chrome Web Store, search for Little Alchemy, log into your Gmail account in order to download)

Create Your Own Activity
This list is from the open-ended projects. It contains activity ideas and links to cool web tools that might be a good place for you to explore.

Write a book critique! Publish to Goodreads! (Video on how to write a book critique)

Learn about the economics of poverty with the Spent! game.

Make a survey on survey monkey!
Thinking Puzzles & Other Brain Benders

What's a Ditloid?
Ditloids are the equation type puzzles we do at the beginning of Discovery. This links to a Wikipedia article about them and at the bottom, there are references to several more pages worth of these types of puzzles.

Web Sudoku
SET & Other Puzzles
Frame Game
Visual Puns
Word Puzzles
Puzzle Soup
Rebus Puzzle Brain Teasers
Fun with Words
Whacky Wordies